Family conflict is related to parenting, marriage, in-laws, other relatives. It’s hard when there is family conflict in the family setting, sometimes we just don’t know how to understand the other person, why he/she acts that way, why he/she doesn’t do this or that for the sake of me/others. 
Understanding the situation which each person is in at the moment is the key to understand what we can do to improve our living together. Many times, husband/wife is overwhelmed with bills to pay, kids to get ready for school in the morning, what to cook for dinner, illnesses, loss of a loved one, depression, alcohol, drugs, etc. There are many problems that affect people in our house and we can’t clearly see that, but with a deeper understanding of what the root of the problem is the family can overcome the hardships together.
Counseling helps to see from other eyes what we can’t always see as the person who is involved in the problem, professional help is always a plus if you want to save your marriage, kids from bad influences like that neighbor you didn’t know was involved in drugs, the “monsters” in our society that many times we pretend they don’t exist in order to keep ourselves in a “comfort zone”.
Face the problem, talk about it, bring it up when it mostly bothers you, don’t pretend everything is ok when it’s not ok. 
At Care Counseling & Children’s Services we have a team of professionals, licensed with higher quality education ready to help you and your family to overcome all the issues present in your family setting and help you to be happy and live the life your family deserves.